We advise and help many companies and their employees on various financial topics such as pension scheme planning, employee benefits and other personal finance requests. Since the change to pension regulation in 2017, we have also been very active in the establishment and management of "auto-enrolment" pension schemes for our corporate clients throughout the UK.

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As a business owner employing at least  one person, you now have a legal duty to put qualifying employees into a pension scheme and contribute to it every pay period. This recent change in pension legislation has had a profound impact on the UK’s business community. Our expertise in offering impartial advice to employers throughout the UK will ensure you are equipped with the information you need to choose the best qualifying scheme for your employees.



We provide a range of pension planning options for employers, employees and business owners. These pension options provide a tax-efficient way for companies / employees to plan for retirement.

There are a number of important factors any business should consider before selecting either group pension providers (for employees), or executive pension options for directors/ partners / business owners . We can advise you on the pension options available to you and recommend providers that meet your specific pension requirements and the financial implications for your business.


Employee Financial Education

The rise in cost of living and insufficient financial planning can leave many employees under financial stress, which can then have a negative consequence on their performance at work. To combat this, many companies are choosing to educate their employees on managing their money better, making full use of their employee benefits, and in return are seeing more engaged employees. We can deliver tailored financial education programmes to any size of business throughout the UK.


Employee Benefits

Employers can choose to offer employee benefits such as death in service, life insurance, expected life cover, critical illness cover and other useful financial tools as part of a wider employee benefits programme. We can provide impartial advice to employers looking to introduce these types of benefits to their workforce. We will equip you with the information you need in order to make a decision regarding how you will provide for your employees, should the worst happen.

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