Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you meet your financial goals. We can assist you in making sensible money decisions to help you achieve your short, medium or long term needs & goals.

Who can benefit from Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is essential at every stage in life. An independent Financial Advisor can help you plan for all major life events including, buying a house, start a life with your partner, getting married, growing your family, financing your children / grandchildren’s education, financing your business or being financially secure when you retire.

The D.A. Calder Approach to Financial Planning

We strongly believe that a realistic and achievable financial plan is key to ensuring that your financial future will be secured. And it’s never too early, or too late, to start planning. Our personalised approach to financial planning can help you plan your future, step by step, in realistic timeframes thus making sure you are always in control. Together, we can create your personal financial planning “Roadmap”.

Explore our range of financial planning services below:



Recent changes to pension legislation means that you have much more freedom and flexibility when accessing your pension benefits. We will help you understand the different options available about taking tax-fee cash, buying an income for life, or a combination of both. We also specialize in offering pension advice for employers (and their employees) and other business owners, directors etc. More information on  company/employee/ business owner pensions can be found in the “Workplace” section of this website.



There are a wide range of investment options available to you, from stocks and bonds to mutual investment funds, depending on what financial goals you want to achieve, your timeframe for achieving these goals and your accepted level of risk. We will assess your attitude to risk before advising you of your investment options and support you in making the right choice to meet your own specific financial goals.


Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax can cost families considerable financial loss in the event of the death of a loved one. We can advise you on legal ways to protect you and your family’s wealth, avoiding any unnecessary upset at an already difficult time.


Long Term Care

People often have to make sudden and unexpected decisions regarding their own, or a loved one’s long term care needs. A pre-established long term care plan can help ease the financial burden and stress if that time comes.



A Trust can help you to decide exactly how your assets are distributed after your death and gives you some financial peace of mind. We will guide you through the range of trusts available to support your unique individual planning requirements.

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