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Financial Wellbeing

It is acknowledged that a business’ best asset is their people. And healthy people are more likely to be productive people. It is essential to keep physically and mentally healthy, in order to lower your stress-levels and be more productive. However, worrying about your current or future personal financial situation also has an effect on your wellbeing and productivity.  This is why Financial Wellbeing is becoming more important for everyone and to make sure you are also financially healthy. Financial Wellbeing means that you should understand;

  • your current financial situation
  • your future financial situation / requirements
  • what are your options
  • where you can get best independent advice and support to make any changes

DA Calder has been chosen to provide you with independent advice and support for a number of Financial Wellbeing services such as your pensions, group life and income protection planning. We are also able to assist you on many other personal finance issues and financial education. Don’t hesitate to contact us for support and advice.    Useful Links ENGAGE Financial Wellbeing (Infographic) MetLife Wellbeing Hub (Username: Wellbeing / Password: Hub) 



DA Calder has been chosen to advise employees on your group pension scheme. You can make a number of changes to your scheme, including changes to;

  • the amount of contribution you pay each month
  • the beneficiary of your pension benefits
  • administration changes such as change of address, adding a spouse/partner to your pension benefits etc
  • change your investment portfolio

You can make these changes directly via the Pension Administrator online portal. See the link below. You simply sign in and make the changes you need. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we can make these changes on your behalf with your authorisation.   We can also provide you with any advice you need, prior to making these changes.  


Useful Links

Royal London Pension Portal  


Income Protection

Your employment benefits may include something called Income Protection.  An Income Protection plan provides a monthly amount to “replace” part or all of your monthly salary. Income Protection is payable if you are unable to work due to illness or accident. The payment normally starts if you are not able to return to work after a period of 13 weeks (or longer, depending on the conditions of your plan). If your employee benefit package does not include Income Protection cover, then you can buy this cover as a private individual. Please contact us if you need independent support or advice on this topic.


Group Life

Your Group Life insurance plan provides a cash lump sum to your dependants in the event of your death during the period of your employment. The lump sum amount is calculated based on a multiple of your salary. Should you need additional coverage amounts or different type of life cover, please do not hesitate to contact us for independent support & advice.

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