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Welcome to ENGAGE – the employee benefits solution from DA Calder. ENGAGE provides advice on employee benefits, including Pensions, Group Life Insurance, Income Protection and Financial Wellbeing. In addition, ENGAGE and DA Calder provide advice on a broad range of personal finance topics. Don’t hesitate to contact us or find out more about ENGAGE.

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DA Calder manages your pension scheme. Your pension provides a tax efficient savings scheme for a better retirement, including a number of valuable benefits such as a generous employer contribution and portability.  You can find out more about your scheme, your options and any services you need here.

Group Life

Group Life Insurance provides you (and your dependants) with valuable life insurance cover and the amount of cover is based on a multiple of your salary. You can find out more about your scheme, your options and much more here.

Income Protection

Income Protection provide you with a percentage of your monthly income, should you be unable to work for a period of time due to illness or injury. Income Protection benefits are provided for some groups of employees as part of their employee benefits. Of course you can buy your own income protection, if it is not included in your current employee benefit package. More

Financial Wellbeing

A growing number of employees are requesting more support from their employers about financial education in order to increase your overall financial wellbeing.  This is a more holistic approach to personal finance for employees, rather than just providing financial products such as insurance, pensions etc. More

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Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you meet your financial goals. We can assist you in making sensible money decisions to help you achieve your short, medium or long term needs.

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Financial protection is a range of benefits which minimise financial loss in the event of a sudden or unexpected change in circumstances.

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Borrowing money from a financial institution involves a legal contract whereby you are required to pay back the amount borrowed by a specified time, with interest. Some of the most common types of borrowing include loans and mortgages.

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Insurance offers you peace of mind that your level of financial risk will be minimised in the event of theft or damage to your property, personal belongings or business. There are many types of insurance available and cover can vary across the market, depending on the premium you pay

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